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The painless rubber air bag system penis traction device

1.Incubus's concept

Some men do not have confidence in theirs penis , the other men want to have a bigger penis instinctively.A lady wishes a man should have a big penis .but she never say that. We know that penis traction is very effective way for penis enlargement empirically and that is male earnest wish and female expectation .

Therefore many kind of penis traction device are sold.But these device used wire or rubber belt for fixing a penis. And the wire or rubber belt gives the pain to penis that is very delicate organ .Many men have given up a penis enlargement consequently.

The "incubus" adopted natural rubber air bag as penis fixing .And it's achieved innovative comfort the feeling that a penis was grasped by hand.A male earnest wish and a female expectation penis enlargement are achieved certainly by this innovative technology.The "incubus" gives a confidence to a man and gives satisfaction to a lady,it was born here as the mission.

2.Incubus painless principle

Why is the Incubus rubber air bag so shock-absorbing and it can hold both erect and relaxed penis painlessly?

An explanation will be given below using diagrams and mathematical formulas.Now, it is assumed that the relaxed penis is inserted into the air bag of the Incubus and pressurized, and the internal pressure of the air bag is Pa and the volume Va of the air in the air bag is Va.(See figure below)

Thereafter, if the penis erects for some reason, the rubber air bag receives a force from the center outward due to the inflation of the penis, and the pressure inside the rubber air bag rises to Pb.

On the other hand, the volume of air in the air bag decreases to Vb according to Boyle's law, and the volume of the air bag decreases. Conversely, the opposite occurs when the erect penis relaxes.That is, Pb and Vb become Pa and Va due to relaxation of the penis, the air volume in the air bag increases, and the penis continues to be held.

Such a relationship between pressure and volume is established when the temperature is constant.This relationship always holds because the environment in which the incubus is used is kept substantially constant by body temperature.

It is also important that the air bag of the Incubus is made of natural rubber. When the internal pressure of the natural rubber air bag rises due to the erection of the penis, the volume of the air chamber itself increases due to the elasticity of the natural rubber, so no extreme pressure rise occurs and pain in the penis does not occur.Conversely, when the penis relaxes and the internal pressure of the natural rubber air bag drops, the volume of the air chamber itself becomes small due to the elasticity of the natural rubber, preventing an extreme pressure drop that would cause slip-out. For these reasons, the penis is always held by adequate and comfortable pressure.

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3.Scientific basis for penis enlargement

Article point

According to the study of the University of Turin in Italy , penis traction is most effective way for penis enlargement. 109 people put on the penis traction device, for 4 months ,per 6 hours a day,and improved in an average 1.8 cm. There is danger Please see below for details.

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4.Incubus composition, workings, ability, etc.

4.1 ~Structure of rubber air bag and head~

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The decisive difference between an incubus and other penis traction devices is how the penis is hold. Other penis traction devices use rubber belts or wires to hold the penis and the pain is unbearable. On the other hand, rubber air bag of Incubus, grasp your penis as if you were holding it.

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The rubber air bag is assembled to the head, and the air tube is led to a joint with a check valve drawn out from the lower part of the rubber air bag.

4.2 ~Working of rubber air bag and head~

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When pressurized without the penis , the rubber air bag inflates U-shape in the head.
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However, when pressurized with the penis ,the rubber air bag inflates C-shape in the head, because of the balance of internal and external forces.The C-shape gives the penis a uniform force over almost the entire circumference.For this reason, you can get a great holding force without feeling pain.

4.3 ~Ability of rubber air bag & head~

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Now, we will try to hold the permanent marker with a diameter of 14.9mm.

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The permanent marker could be held at a pressure of up to 160 mmHg.

4.4 ~Closer locking mechanism~

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The closer male side has an L-shaped hook.

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The closer female side has an inverted L-shaped hole.

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The inflated rubber air bag pushes both side of closer from the inside and locks it. For this reason,There is almost no unintentional opening of the closer due to light exercise. Also, if you want to open it, push the both side of closer to the center. And you can release it very easily.

4.5 ~Working relationship between head, guide stays and base.~

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The head is combined with guide stays and head slid or fixed on the guide stays. And the guide stays are supported by the base.

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The guide stays has spring lock mechanism.

4.6 ~Accessories and optional parts~

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From left, Main unit, Air supply unit, Protection pad, Guide stays for long penis (option)

5. Incubus's thought, structure and wearing

6.Incubus's purchase

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7. Incubus monitor's comment

I suffered from a penis's being shorter and smaller than pubescent time.When I go on a trip with adults or friend,I felt inferior about penis size,and I thought I would like to increase my penis by the natural way.So far, I used Euroextender ,and I did train my penis.But I could wear only two hours a day ,because the device was given pain on my penis.Also I used vacuum device like a Mr-Hi two years , but there was no effect at all. However, I feel that we still have possibility of penis enlargement by device.Because in stories of the experiences some person gets the effect.I sought to have innovative and hopeful device,then I meet to the Incubus. Though the incubus is traction device , I can wear 3 or 4 hours without pain.As mentioned before,When I wear the Euroextender,I feel the unbearable pain within 1 hour.This is because big friction forms between the penis band and the penis. On the other hand the Incubus grasps a penis ,so the pain I feel decreases from 1/10 to 1/15 of Euroextender.After I wear it for three or four hours, I will take rest time for 30 minutes .And repeated three times a day , I wear it for 9 or 12 hours .Because there is almost no pain, so an incubus can wear long time. I can't be imagined of the long time-wearing if it is the Euroextender.I can have a strong ambition in the future. By K.W

Webmaster's comment

A men who have worries on his penis are not a little.I myself was so.Therefore I used preexist traction device , I felt very strong pain on my penis ,I could not wear long time. In this experience makes me conceive the Incubus ,then I can to sale at a market now.The Incubus is not perfectly painless,but you can compare to a preexist penis traction device ,you will get the very comfortable and convenience as a comment of K.W. I will update the Mr.KW penis enlargement data. Please expect them.

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